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Hail the Biting pear of Salamanca
HAIL THE BITING PEAR, our lord and the savior from.... himself.... we hope XD

I loved the design, and thanks Deviantart to show me the amazing art of ursulav :iconursulav:
The original biting pear, watch out it won't bite you when you click the link ;P…
Battleborn: Support alani
Alani, the last of the dominant species of Akopos. The last one of her sea.
Akopos may be gone, All her friends have fried in the ocean, but she is still alive.
All because of the Jennerit imperium. They boiled her world, they boiled her friends, they boiled her life.
She may have survived, but is a life without family and friends worth living.

All alone, she caries her power and her legacy, the control of the water.
And while being alone, she hoped to find peace in the darkness of the abyss.
The darkness came, but her own light, the light of the Syl still shined. 
Glowing less and less, the hope of peace came closer and closer.

All though she was alone, the current changed, a friend came to visit, the bluemother in the form of a water dragon.
As shown of the song of the Emula, the blue mother exist. She showed alani the path, the hope, the way she should swim.
A new family would come, raised as a healer, it was time for her to help and become a warrior for the fate of the universe.

Ride the riptide wave, erupt the geysers of the water flow and make the emergence of the Blue mother show her face.
Heal your new friends and make a difference to the world.

I love the game, and especially the character designs.
Alani is a character of battleborn, gearboxsoftware
the differnt truth
When your skin, your face hides the truth, nobody knows who you truely are.

So show yourself, be yourself
Be the truth

Made on my phone in sketchbookx
WIP battleborn support alani
Haven't been uploading drawings very Recently, I am working on something.
I hope I will finish it this week.

You probably have noticed I didn't uploaden something in a long long time.
It kinda has to do with my study, I need to draw a lot for my study of building engineering / architecture.
I can post what I draw on DA as well of course...
but that depands on what you guys want.
Do you want to view my homework, the art of building engineering, what is the beginning of a building or an object in a project of architecture.
I actually didn't want to post it here, because it's homework..... and school and not my nice fantasy artpieces XD

So I give the hard task to you guys,

do you want me to post my building drawings for school aswell on DA?
(I won't post everything of course, only the esthetic of the drawings and not the way you have to make it detail drawings I made) 


Dryadtreeguy's Profile Picture
I love to draw,
I think I'm very good, but I still have more to learn!
But many others are so much better.
I usually don't collour my drawings, even I would love to, but I know I will "destroy" them if I would =D

I love fantasy and nature stuff, most times I draw mythical people/animals, sometimes I draw normal animals or people.
But usually the animals really suck ;)
My favorite mythical creature is a Dryad or a Dragon. For some reason I like them, I do not know why.

I'm very interested in the muscles and draw them very often.
I do not know how the muscles of animals are, so I freak out when I know it isn't correct.
But I don't know how to corrected them.
I hate to draw hands and feet, they are so difficult :steaming:
But I tried to make the best of them.

I adore marvel and DC, I think I love the human torch the most :onfire: or Batman :batman:

Well I don't know more to say about me. So thats it :)


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Size-And-Stupidity Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2017  Professional Artist
Thank you for the watch!
Dryadtreeguy Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2017
Your art is so amazing.
It makes me laugh and it's so funny.
I can't wait for all the others you're going to make :3
Maria-Schreuders Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2017  Hobbyist Photographer
Thank you for the watch, I really appreciate thisI love deviantART! 
curlyhair Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you so much for the watch! <3
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Hi! Thank you for the watch! Much appreciated! :D
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Thanks a lot for watching me and faving  Medieval Castle by GrimDreamArt ! Appreciated :)
Blu-Oltremare Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2017   Digital Artist
Thank you for the favourite! =)
Marie-Angele Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2017  Professional Traditional Artist
Thank you very much for the fave and the watch! ^-^
Dryadtreeguy Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017
your art is wonderful
I quite envy you XD
Would love to be able to draw like that...
but for now I'm happy to see art like yours :D
Marie-Angele Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2017  Professional Traditional Artist
Thankies. =^.^=
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